Coleen McLemore

Clinical Herbalist and Reiki Master

  • I have realized through the years that my health is directly impacted by how well I sleep.  If I sleep well, my energy, pain levels and overall mood is SO much better! I have also learned that sleep can be an artform and the beauty with herbal medicines is that Coleen can customize what helps me the most.  Not too strong, not too weak.  JUST RIGHT!  Thank you Coleen for being a wealth of information and supporting me with your products!   -AS

  • I have been a long-time advocate of taking herbal remedies to promote health, but have always found it overwhelming to figure it out on my own. Coleen makes the process easy and enjoyable.  I noticed such a positive difference in how I feel and am excited to continue working with her! -MK

  • I was attracted and fascinated by the idea of natural herb remedies back when I worked on the Navajo reservation. Today I whole heartedly believe that is our best choice.  Thank you for listening to my concerns with my body functions. Natural avenues are always first. -DK

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